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Assess. Learn. Engage.

Here we offer interactive assessment tools, a micro course and other activities to anyone who wants to evaluate and expand on their own understanding of racial equity and social impact.

Assess: Take tests and surveys to evaluate your understanding of racial equity.

Learn: Expand upon your comprehension of racial equity with CenterState CEO's micro-learning lessons.

Engage: Find relevant, curated articles, webinars, podcasts and book resources to continue your journey. 

Assessment Tools Title


Anti-defamation League Personal self-assessment of anti bias behavior

Test your attitude toward social justice!

This pdf file consists of a 17-question survey on a scale from always to never measuring one's ability to self assess their understanding of their own attitudes, language, relationship with others from diverse backgrounds, and the extent to which they are proactive about social justice.

Test your social attitude to find out your implicit associations about Racial Equity

Test your implicit associations about racial equity!

Project Implicit, hosted by Harvard University, is a nonprofit organization and international collaboration between researchers who are interested in implicit social cognition - thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control. This project is a virtual lab for data collection.


Glossary of Terms
Mini-Course on Racism

This micro learning segment provides a quick guide to understanding racism at the individual and systemic level. Explore scholarly, thought provoking perspectives on racism over five days of lessons.

A brief scenario presents a call to action, to start a conversation, to take notice!


A short quiz on Black historical events and figures may leave you wondering how much you know about Black history.  If you are already a pro then you may skip this section and visit our curated resources.


Our Glossary features  a convenient list of terms frequently used when discussing racial equity and social impact. Please feel free to download the page for your reference!

The terms selected are terms that were coined by sociologists and psychologists, and scholars in African American studies or ethnicity and culture studies as well as  racial equity activists.  We have provided primary sources as references and we encourage the avid learner to revisit the primary sources and add them to their reading repertoire.


Library of the Month

Visit our curated resource catalog for current articles, books and digital media focusing on racial equity and social impact.

Whether you're a C-Suite executive, a manager, or an associate, our color-coded catalog will point you to the most pertinent content for your goals. Stop back monthly  to stay up-to-date with the latest entries. 


Tell us what you've learned about racial equity and how you will apply what you’ve learned in real life situations. Submit your reflection by clicking on the form button.


Reflections comments are subject to approval prior to being published.

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