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Fall 2020

C-Suite Experience

Perception of Learning Growth About Racial Equity as a Result of Training.


National Grid⎮ Winter 2020

2-hour class dialog with Dr. J

"This is a tough topic that the Company needs to set a line of demarcation calling out our position, our intentions and our beliefs. While this meeting was challenging it needs to occur. The issue of systemic racism and its impact on America is fact that is tough for many to accept. I believe that this type of session is/was needed to set the tone of what the Company stands for and the path that we need to set moving forward"

Digital Hyve ⎮ Fall 2020

Lead for change

"Digital Hyve brought in Dr. Juhanna Rogers to lead a diversity, equity and inclusion training for our staff. We have never hosted an initiative that got more positive, thoughtful feedback from our crew. It was a challenging, thought provoking, empowering, respectful and growth-minded dialogue, and I am so appreciative of the insight she shared with our staff. I am confident we, as a company, grew tremendously, but I am as equally confident that we must continue to learn and challenge ourselves. I would encourage others to reach out and see how you might engage with Dr. Rogers and this work! "

National Grid ⎮ Fall 2020

C-Suite Experience

“I have a much better understanding of the systemic racism in our society. I've historically viewed racism as driven by individual behaviors/beliefs and better appreciate the structural inequities that exist.” ​ 


“Personally, I was not aware of the prevalence of things like red-lining and what the Black Panthers stood for via their 10-point program. In addition, the post-Lincoln assassination pivot in terms of property ownership was never discussed when I took American History. Even though we only had four sessions, I do now have a better understanding (even if this is only a small piece of the puzzle).” ​ 

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